Disha India

Micro Credit


Disha Microfinance programme is an offshoot of Disha Social Organisation which has been started with the objective of economic empowerment and financial inclusion of poor and low income people in the villages. The numbers of groups in the community have increased and the demand for credit is on a rise. The Nationalised banks have definitely made an entry in the rural markets, yet there is a huge discrepancy between what is decided at their policy level and what is implemented at the grassroots. We at Disha realised that through our SHGs, a chain of economic development has set in, and unless the demand for credit is met timely, this chain will not be able to sustain. Hence Disha launched its Microfinance programme in June 2006 with its own small fund of Rs. 2 lakh.

While experimenting with this small amount for a period of eight months, we also initiated dialogue with banks and financial institutions for raising fund. The personnel from the bank appreciated the strong bond that Disha shared with the community and the large number of highly aware, empowered and competent self help groups that Disha had formed in the community. ABN AMRO Foundation India took over thereafter for technical assistance and capacity building of the organisation while it ventures into the specialised field of microfinance.

Meanwhile many financial institutions like HDFC Bank, HSBC bank, SIDBI, FWWB, Ananya Finance, Punjab National Bank, NABARD, Indian Gramin Services, Reliance Commercial, Kanika Investment Limited, Samunnati Financial Intermediation and Services Pvt. Ltd., and Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd go associated with us. They gave us loan for on-lending to poor people and we financed the loan and repaid the funders timely. But the amount of finance is much lower than the preparations and the size of the organisation. To fulfil the gap, the company has continuously tried for new contacts. In the year 2012-13 Yes Bank, in the year 2017-18 Arohan Financial Services Ltd, and in year 2021-22 Avanti Finance Pvt. Ltd. is introduced in the company under business correspondent model. In the year 2021-22 we could finance Rs 2,761.05 lakh among our groups and clients. And the total outstanding of managed fund as on 31/03/2022 was Rs. 2,949.92 lakh.

Data as on 30 September 2022

Total Membership: No. 4,565 in JLG and Individual
Active Borrower Base: No. 16,426
Total loan disbursed (Cumulative): Rs. 4,73,80,15,000/-
Own Outstanding portfolio: Rs. 102,407,023/-
Manage Portfolio of Arohan(BC Model): Rs. 24,72,44,949/-
Manage Portfolio of Avanti(BC Model) : Rs. 4,77,47,390/-
Total Portfolio: Rs. 39,76,23,904/-